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Now You Can Change Your Spots

About Us

The founder of Laser X Tattoo Removal, Jeffrey Heimann has had extensive and first hand experience with all current, as well as older methods of Tattoo Removal. back in th eearly 80's he sought the help of those advertising tattoo removal to remove what had been done on him by "School Mates" and his desire for the best possible removal methods has never stopped


Laser X Tattoo Removal has began operating as a result...


Prior to that we had trialled first hand other tattoo removal methods including Acid Peels, Tattooing Pastes into the area, Salabrasion and have seen first hand the damage and frustration that this can cause.


As soon as Laser Removal became available in Austrailia we became involved and have been advocating it as the only successful method ever since. Any removal alternatives that have been marketed since are merely repackaged and freshly marketed old ideas that have never worked but that have caused horrible outcomes.

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