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Methods to Avoid


If you google ‘tattoo removal’ you’ll most likely come up with this list of suspects. Read up on them and then avoid them. Tattoos may no longer be permanent but Scarring will be!


Fade Creams 

Don’t work. We have had many clients who have tried fade creams for months and even years with no effect. Since Tattoo ink lies beneath the skin and these creams are applied to the surface of the skin, it is unreasonable to expect they would be able to fade your tattoo successfully.


Acid Peels

Are very dangerous as they employ very powerful acids normally used industrially. Unfortunately we have had clients with horrific permanent scarring after using acid peels – making their tattoo more difficult to remove later with laser.
Tattoo Regret

Tattooing the area with Pastes or Chemicals 

This method will always result in scarring. Some of these that have recently been promoted as "NEW" are Rejuvi and Tat2 Away. Unfortunately these methods are neither new nor do they yeild desireable results (see examples below). Chemicals and pastes have, in the past, been tattooed in over the top of an existing tattoo in an effort to fade or remove the tattoo. This method will never remove the billions of ink particles trapped under your skin. It may even involve the extreme step of removing the scab before healing. Not only will this stop your body forming new skin under the scab, but you will be exposed to infections and irreversible scarring.



Dermabrasion & Salabrasion

Dermabrasion is a painful type of surgical skin planing that was practiced before the advent of lasers and involves the controlled wearing away of the upper to mid layers of the skin. A variety of strong abrasive devices including a wire brush, diamond wheel, sterilized sandpaper are used. This method can cause serious scarring.


Skin Graft  

A fairly drastic measure that was once thought a viable solution for tattoo removal.


Argon & CO2 Lasers

Early laser treatments for tattoo removal used lasers that were not really suited to the job and have now been abandoned.
These are actual Rejuvi promotional photos. As mentioned above this method will always cause scar tissue to form and will remain with you for the rest of your life. Total ink removal will not be achieved.

What are other experts saying?

Watch Dr. Oz as he demonstrates

Dr. Oz Removal Alternatives
These are actual Tat2 Away promotional photos. Again scar tissue is unavoidable using this method. However by only treating spots the developers are hoping to only cause damage in individual locations and not allow the scars to bridge to one another. Total ink removal will not be achieved

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