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Before & After Photos

Laser Tattoo Removal Progress

The most important ingredients to successful tattoo removal:


  • Choosing the right Laser Specialist is crucial (Ask if the person treating you is: Certified, Licensed and has Medical Malpractice Insurance for the device and treatment they are using on you. Ask to see photos of their work and how long they have been doing Laser Tattoo Removal. Do they only do Tattoo Removal or have they added this to their business)


  • Careful spacing to avoid unnecessary treatments (Don't believe promises about amount of teatments it will take)


  • Be patient, your system needs time to flush ink particles out



Before+After Laser X Tattoo Removal
Before+After Laser X tattoo Removal
Laser X Green+Black Ink Progress

Example of a re-worked tattoo

Laser X Before Re-work
Laser X Tattoo during re-work
Laser X Re-worked Tattoo

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