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Laser X Tattoo Removal

Whether your Tattoo is Professional, Amateur, Cosmetic or Multi-Coloured we can Remove, Lighten or make it ready for Cover Up. Laser X Tattoo Removal is not only the leaders in the field but also are the longest established in the industry and we specialise in only one thing, Tattoo Removal. No one can remove more colours, NO-ONE.
So what should you be looking for?
  • Experience:

We have been involved with Tattoo Removal longer than anyone else in NSW and ACT. With 20 years experience, no one else even comes close.

  • Expertise:

Having personally tested all methods of removal, including Non Laser and various forms of Laser, as well as treating thousands of tattoos successfully we can give you realistic advice on what works and what does not.

  • Equipment:

Laser X Tattoo Removal uses State of the Art Lasers, including the latest in PICO technology, Nd: YAG, and Ruby Lasers to effectively treat all colours currently available.

Tattoos may no longer be permanent but Scarring will be!

We use the most advanced Lasers that remove 

colours others can't

laser tattoo removal
Green and Black Ink Removal Laser X Tattoo Removal

We operate from suites located in:

Griffith, Canberra, at H2o Medi Spa

Nowra, Shoalhaven, at Luscious Boutique






Whether you want your Skin back or plan a Cover Up we will give you sound advice and realistic Expectations, Advice and Pricing.

No Downtime, No Scarring, 


Want Immediate Pricing?
Email a Photo of your Tattoo and your Location to us  

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